Outlaw, The Artist.

Stay humble. Wise words from a #GoldSoul

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Humble yuhself

Come vibe with me
2pm - $10 - 16+
(hit me up for $10 tickets, I’m delivering all week or grab online tickets here: http://bit.ly/OutlawSantos)

We had fun! @
Sabit nyc 9th anniversary!
#GoldSoul #letyoursoulglow

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Be the hero of your own story.

About to perform at the Sabit 9th anniversary event in a few and I get this wavy msg from Dj Lovelee saying she spun my song in her set today… That’s #Love

come vibe with us.. + I’ll have tickets for my show on the 25th so you can catch me here to grab yours!

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#DefJam30thAnniversary was waveee 🌊 big shouts to @errolanderson 🙏

RSVP come support!.. I’ll see you there!

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@sabitnyc X @obnxsny
9th Anniversary Celebration
LEFTFIELD 87 Ludlow St
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London to New York .. City dreamin’

@SCRiBETheVerbalist My big homie & one of my biggest inspirations! One of the reasons I still make music today.. But most of all that’s family, love you man! Glad we can all share another year of life with you! #LateBirthdayWellWishes


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I’ll just leave this here…

Thanks for all the love so far! It means so much! #GoldSoul #letyoursoulglow

If you haven’t checked it out already my new project is on OutlawArtist.com (link in bio)