I arrived here from the skies the deserts the mountains and the oceans, my waters are too dark to reflect you. I am unapologetically, me.

Perpetuating the angry black chick stereotype..

I love black women. But I’m currently perplexed because..

That same girl with all her “loyal” followers preaching on whatever social media platform about the “weak” black dudes that say “you look like you only date white guys” and how it’s such a terrible thing that they do that.. dated me not too long ago…

Me; who’s not concerned who you look like you date or should’ve been dating.. if I like you, I just do.. Me; who you pretty much said the same thing to.. “Ah I was a little surprised when you asked me out because you look like you don’t date black girls” … Like… I don’t get it man. And more so it makes me uneasy because you have a ton of girls who follow you on social media getting heated over something that you do too..

mind you, I’m in no way downplaying how ignorant it is when black guys do that… It’s stupid, we should be uplifting our women no matter what.. not ridiculing them for somehow seeming like they date outside of the race… Which shouldn’t even be an issue (what does a black guy or girl that doesn’t date black guys or girls look like anyway, smh).. but I just don’t think you should be going THAT hard if you do it too.

& this is not the first time I’ve witnessed this at all…

Anyway.. whatever , all I’m saying is don’t be a hippo guys.

Peace & love

"I start thinking, how many souls hip-hop has affected
How many dead folks this art resurrected
How many nations this culture connected
Who am I to judge one’s perspective?"